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Police chief refuses to remove cross despite frozen tundra atheists

Cross at police station, atheist attack
Cross at police station, atheist attack
KARK-TV, Searcy

A police chief in Arkansas is refusing to bow to pressure from an out-of-state atheist group to take a Christian cross down, according to an article in the Christian Post today, Jan. 16. The cross is one of several members of a church in the town placed two years ago.

Chief Jeremy Clark of the Searcy, Arkansas, Police Dept., said today the cross was on the front lawn of the police department in February of 2013 when he took office. He will not take it down.

An atheist group based in Madison, Wisconsin is invading a state hundreds of miles south of it to impose its own beliefs. Annie Laurie Gaylor, head of the atheist group which seeks to interfere with the religious rights of the people of Arkansas, says one anonymous citizen has complained all the way to Wisconsin about the cross.

Most of the people of Searcy are angry about the intrusion from the frigid North. A plethora of letters to the local newspapers complained about the Wisconsin group trying to interfere with the Searcy Police Department.

One of the irate letter writers demanded to know who this so-called "anonymous" complainer was or if there is actually such a person. The consensus of opinion in Razorback territory seems to be that the Wisconsin group has created the "complainer" ouf of thin air to gain some national publicity.

One person wondered if there weren't some police stations in Wisconsin the atheists could harass if they wanted to cause law enforcement officials problems. Is there nothing going on in Wisconsin since the Packers were eliminated from the NFL playoffs last weekend?

Can't the atheists from the state that boasts of the University of Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay pro team find something to do with their spare time up there one Arkansas native wondered.

A representative of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Searcy said that members of his church placed the crosses in several locations in 2011. The one on the front lawn of the Searcy Police Dept. is one of those crosses.

The message from the people of Searcy to the atheists who inhabit the frozen tundra of Wisconsin appears to be "mind your own business. We like the cross and plan to keep it right where it is."

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