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Police Chief David Mara to Appear at Community Meeting on Tuesday, July 15th

Ward 10 Alderman Bill Barry & School Committeeman John Avard
Ward 10 Alderman Bill Barry & School Committeeman John Avard
Jon Hopwood

Police Chief David Mara will appear at a community meeting to be held at the Police Athletic League (PAL) building at 409 Beech Street. Located at the corner of Beech Street and Lake Avenue, the PAL building was named after Officer Michael Briggs, the last Queen City policeman to be slain on duty.

A Marine Corps veteran who had served five years on the force, Officer Briggs was shot and killed on October 17, 2006. The new police headquarters building was designated “The Michael Briggs Public Safety Building” in his honor by the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

"State of the City"

According to Ward 10 Alderman Bill Barry, who helped organize the event, the community meeting will address the "State of the City".

In May 2014, Chief Mara attended a Ward 10 community meeting co-hosted by Alderman Barry and Ward 10 School Board member John Avard. The hot topic at that meeting was crime: What the Manchester Police Department (MPD) was doing to combat crime, and what private citizens can do to help.

A career law enforcement officer, with 29 years experience, Barry has organized "Neighborhood Watch" programs and is setting up one for Ward 10.

At the Ward 10 community meeting, Chief Mara invited Ward 10 residents to come to the police headquarters building for a more thorough discussion of how citizens can aid the MDP in reducing crime. Mara is a proponent of the "community policing" paradigm of law enforcement, in which law enforcement personnel become more closely engaged with the people they protect.

Out of that invitation developed the city-wide community meeting that will be held on Tuesday, July 15th.

This will be the first city-wide community meeting held by Chief Mara this year, and the first meeting with Queen City citizens he has held since being announced as a finalist for the position of chief of police in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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