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Police chief apologizes for 'regrettable' shooting of man's dog

Bullet hole through van window
Bullet hole through van window
Screen shot via KREM News

According to Wednesday's publication of The Spokesman-Review, the police chief in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho has apologized to the owner of a dog who was shot and killed by a police officer last week.

Interim Chief Ron Clark called the shooting of Craig Jones' two-year-old Labrador retriever, named Arfie, “a regrettable tragedy.” The young dog was inside of Jones' van at the time that he was shot and killed by a police officer who has remained unnamed since the time that shooting took place.

At a city council meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Steve Widmyer also apologized for the dog's death, stating:

We as a city again want to offer our complete apology to Mr. (Craig) Jones,”

He also stated that the city would take full responsibility for the dog's death if the current investigation reveals that mistakes were made. The police officer who killed the dog has claimed that the dog lunged at him from inside of the vehicle - he also stated that the dog was a "vicious pit bull."

The dog was struck in the chest by the bullet; a photo of the van's window shows a bullet hole through the glass, suggesting by where the dog was hit that most of Arfie's body was still inside of the vehicle at the time that the shot was fired. Jones was not in the vehicle at the time that his dog was killed.

Last Friday, the Associated Press reported that Jones had secured a lawyer and that a lawsuit was likely. The officer responsible for the dog's death has been temporarily reassigned from patrol duty to desk duty - he will remain there until the investigation has been completed.

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