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Police cancel Amber Alert for missing Indianapolis baby

The authorities announced today to cancel the Amber Alert for 6-week-old Delano Wilson, because they believe there has been sufficient awareness publicized about the missing Indianapolis baby.

Delano WIlson
Indianapolis Police Dept.

The Amber Alert released August 27, said the baby was seen with a white man and a Hispanic woman in a 2000 blue Ford Taurus. Willis Wilson, Delano's father told the New York Daily News the man was between 25 to 30 years old, and between 5 feet, 6 inches and 5 feet, 9 inches, with short brown hair and a medium build and wearing a black do-rag, a red T-shirt, blue jean shorts and red, black and blue tennis shoes. The woman was between 25 to 30 years old, with long brown hair and a thin build. She was wearing a green shirt and matching green hoop earrings.

Neighbors are critical of the authorities and believe they should continue to search until the baby is found. Several neighbors WTHR News that the search there was no one searching anymore. Regardless, neighbors are voluntarily looking for him, "He is out there. Dead or alive, he is out there somewhere," said one neighbor.

Police have not said whether they believe the father's story or even if they think baby Delano is dead. Without Delano's body the chances of the murder being prosecuted is slim. There are many missing children and many murderers walking free, because without a body, the police cannot build a case to prosecute or even arrest anyone.

Police say Delano Wilson was snatched from his father's arms in an alley around noon Wednesday. An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday evening.

The victim says he was robbed and pistol-whipped near the intersection of South Harding and Henry Streets, reports WTHR news.

He says a man and woman took off with the baby in a blue Ford Taurus.

One concerned mother didn't want to appear on camera but says she saw Willie Wilson, Delano's father and the kidnappers' car.

"I saw the dad coming out of the alley after the vehicle left. I didn't hear any yelling, or gunshots or the car wasn't speeding away or nothing," said the woman. She also stated she saw Wilson stumbling around and then the police showed up.

Police have stated there are inconsistencies with Wilson's story.

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