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Police break into woman's house with guns drawn for shopping at gardening store

The war on marijuana has been a smashing and overwhelming success, that is if you measure success by how many violations of civil rights, liberties and constitutional rights it has generated. Police break down a house in the middle of the night and kill innocent (including elderly) people. Check.

Assets forfeitured to the government under civil asset forfeiture, without a trial. Check.

Young people pressured into being an informant for having marijuana possession, and getting killed by drug dealers in the process, check, see Rachel Hoffman. But at the officers who allowed Hoffman to get killed by the dealers got suspended with pay. That is biting discipline, if ever there was.

Now in a distant suburb of Chicago named Shorewood, the Drug Enforcement Agency and local cops busted into the house of Angela Kirking for shopping for organic fertilizer.

Yes, shopping for organic fertilizer. Seems that is reasonable suspicion if you shop at an Illinois home gardening store in nearby Braidwood.

Cops ran her plates, found her address. Looked through her garbage, which had a marijuana scent to it. Also, her electric bill deemed too high. So be careful if you have too many appliances. Finally, they got a judge to sign off on the warrant.

Thankfully, they got the vicious criminal that is Angela Kirking off the street when they raided her house with drawn guns and found 1/3 an ounce of marijuana.

Yes, you can breathe easy knowing the DEA and local cops are on the case to go after suburban women who occasionally smoke small amounts of marijuana in their homes and go to garden stores.

Amazingly, the police might have had legitimate probable cause, but it was used for an absurd reason. If someone is smoking marijuana they are driving in, then yes, ticket or arrest them and take them off the road. But sheesh, this is just stupid. Even the most ardent drug warrior must be taken back by these tactics.

Finally, if you want to reform our idiotic war on marijuana, and constitutional rights, please think about joining these groups. The National Organization for Marijuana Reform, the Marijuana Policy Project or DRCnet. Thanks.