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Police: Bank robbery suspect with 'odor' arrested after shoplifting incident

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A man who is not only a suspected bank robber, but apparently doesn't have good grooming and hygiene habits, is off the streets of Mountain View after police say he was arrested for shoplifting cigarettes.

Mountain View officers on Tuesday arrested a man they identified as William Brackin after an employee of the CVS store in the city's downtown area called police and said he had shoplifted cigarettes from the store.

Officers say as they detained and questioned the 45-year-old Brackin about the cigarettes they also determined he was the suspect they were looking for in a robbery of a nearby Bank of America in downtown Mountain View last week.

In that case a man walked into the bank, handed the cashier a note and made off with more than $1,300 in cash. The bank's location is only a block or so away from the CVS store.

As part of the search for the bank robber, besides releasing the photos and physical description of the suspect after the July 1st bank heist, police also said at the time the robber “had an odor about him indicating that he had not bathed in awhile.”

Police did not provide information about Brackin’s personal hygiene at the time of his arrest.

“We never know how incidents are going to be related but we do know that crime definitely doesn't happen in a vacuum,” Lt. Keith Plamondon, who is in charge of MVPD’s investigative unit, said in a statement announcing the arrest. “In this case our officers turned what initially was a shoplift case into the arrest of a bank robber.”

Police say Brackin did not display a gun or say he had one during the bank robbery, but instead passed the teller a note demanding money.

He was being held on suspicion of robbery and petty theft.