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Police arrest two men for sexual misconduct with cows in New York

Being arrested for this is not the thing to do...ever.
Being arrested for this is not the thing to do...ever.
Smoking Gun

Two men in Herkimer County, New York were arrested for something that just doesn't seem like it would even be real. The Huffington Post reported on Feb. 23, 2014, that a farmer couldn't figure out why his animals were so overly anxious lately, but his surveillance cameras showed that it was because two men were sexually abusing his cows.

35-year-old Michael Jones and 31-year-old Reid Fontaine were arrested for misdemeanor sexual misconduct with cows, according to They were each released on an appearance ticket.

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The unidentified farmer contacted the police when he saw the two men getting frisky with his cows. He said that Fontaine attempted to have sex with several of the cows while Jones would videotape all of it.

The farmer said that his cows were acting really anxious lately and actually weren't producing milk as well as they usually were. That was when he set up the surveillance cameras in his barn and he was able to catch the two men sexually abusing his cows.

Police conducted their own investigation and learned that as strange as it all sounded, it really was true.

Luckily for Fontaine and Reid, they didn't get much of a punishment. Unluckily for them both, the Internet caught wind of their story.

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