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Police arrest toe-sucking sex offender at a NC Walmart: Man mouthed woman's toes

For the record, I shop at Walmart. Most do. The multinational retail corporation’s big box stores offer discounts and price points that appeal to the average shopper. Unfortunately, Walmart also has a reputation for attracting a strange breed of shopper. Don’t believe it? Check out the photos loaded to and get back to me.
A foot freak posing as a Walmart employee and podiatrist in training was arrested after sticking a woman's toes in his mouth.

NBC affiliate WCNC out of Charlotte profiled one such quirky consumer on March 20. His Walmart misdeed?

Police have charged a man who they say was caught on surveillance video sucking a woman's toes at the Lincolnton Walmart on Monday,” writes WCNC.

And the kicker is – the woman was a stranger. Michael Brown, 31, was arrested Thursday night and charged with assaulting 40-year-old Erika Porras.

Our foot fetish fiend allegedly approached Porras and misrepresented himself as a Walmart employee. He assisted her with trying on some shoes, and the toe, I mean two, chatted about how Brown was a “podiatry student,” which evidently is the didactic lay term for a lunatic with foot fantasies.

Erika's daughter Kattie, who was watching the bizarre interchange, said Brown told her mom he “needed to take a picture for research,” evidently borrowing the line from Kramer’s "Dr. Van Nostrand" character when he snapped a pic of George’s boss Mr. Kruger “for the records.”

After he took the picture, Erika’s daughter said Brown “stuck her [mom’s] foot in his mouth.”

Porras flipped, and Brown freaked.

“He said, ‘Sorry ma’am. Please, please, please.’” recounts Kattie, who said Brown even offered to buy the family their groceries if she didn’t say anything.

No dice – Erika called her husband and the police, who arrested Brown.

NBC Charlotte picks up the story:

When NBC Charlotte showed her a picture from the store surveillance cameras, she teared up saying, "Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s him."

Brown, a registered sex offender, was convicted in 2001 for breaking into a house in his home town of Concord and sucking on another woman’s toes. Other previous charges include separate assaults on females and filing a false report to police radio.

Our fake, toe-sucking shoe salesman is now awaiting a court date. Look for his picture to show up on People of Walmart, if it's not there already.

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