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Police arrest college employee for marking wall map to help lost students

No good deed ever goes unpunished has to apply to a college employee who was arrested for marking on a wall map to help students. Seems like an innocent enough gesture, but a police lapel camera recording Ginger Anderson, arrest might prove otherwise, according to the Blaze. The Utah Valley University employee saw that there was an error on one of the wall maps in a school building at the university and the next thing she knew the college was calling the cops.

College send police to arrest employee for using magic marker on wall map
photo credit - the Blaze

Of course if you are an employee who works in the college’s information center it only stands to reason that you would probably want correct information being provided to the students. So she reportedly corrected a map that was confusing students by adjusting the map’s compass by using a marker.

The next day, the 48-year-old employee was greeted by what she claims were police who wanted to serve her with a college initiated citation for “criminal mischief,” reported the Blaze. From that point the police lapel camera recorded one of officers grabbing her and “then pushed her against the wall and took her to the ground.”

Anderson, who is also a student at the school, felt that the police actions were sheer brutality because she did not immediately comply with the demand of the police officers to accompany them to the station. In fact she can even be heard shouting “Let me take my backpack off,” as her arm is bent backward on the video.

So whether it was a slow day at the cop station or now colleges are targeting employees with magic markers, the video of her arrest has stirred quite a lot of feelings about the college’s actions.

Watch the video of the arrest below and make your own assessment:

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