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Police and firefighters rescue litter of puppies from parked U-Haul truck

Puppies rescued from U-Haul
Puppies rescued from U-Haul
Ft. Myers Police Dept.

According to Monday's NBC 2 News, rescuers saved a litter of pit bull puppies, and their mother, from a U-Haul truck that was parked for almost an hour near downtown Fort Myers, Fla., on Sunday.

The canine family was saved thanks to a good Samaritan who spotted them locked inside of the truck, with the windows rolled up, as temperatures hovered near the century mark. Ruth Sawyer phoned 9-1-1...firefighters and police arrived and they were able to free the dog and her puppies from the truck.

The distressed pups were said to be "like new" after being cooled off and provided with oxygen. The man who left the dogs inside of the parked moving truck showed up after the rescue effort was complete - he tried to tell the authorities that the dogs had only been left alone inside the vehicle for 10 minutes.

The police did not buy 27-year-old Dustin Unwin's story...he was arrested and is facing a charge of animal cruelty. The pups and dog who were rescued from the truck were taken to animal services and they will be placed up for adoption.

Watch the NBC 2 News video clip at this link.

Observant good Samaritans have been responsible for several rescues so far this summer...after being alerted to a distressed puppy who was locked inside of a parked car, a Jackson, Mich., man broke out a window to save him, and a good Samaritan in Texas was able to help rescue a Labrador retriever who was locked in a vehicle at a water park earlier this month.

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