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Police aid horses in truck and trailer accident

Police officers aided people and horses
Police officers aided people and horses
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Late on March 25, Ontario police followed up an emergency call that reported an accident on westbound Highway 401 near Communication Road. A pickup truck hauling a horse trailer had gone off the road, disconnecting the trailer and finally ending up in a ditch.

Police had little difficulty piecing together the circumstances surrounding this accident. They quickly determined that the driver apparently lost control of the truck and trailer, causing the trailer to detach off the hitch. The truck continued out of control and finally came to a stop up in the ditch. The trailer, with one horse still remaining inside and a second horse running free on the highway, had flipped over. It ended up on its roof in the median.

The horse still in the trailer remained reasonably calm, but the panicked loose horse was running in a westerly direction on the highway with police officers attempting to catch him. A tractor-trailer driver drove along the galloping horse’s side to keep him from getting back into the driving lanes and perhaps causing a collision with a vehicle. Officers caught the frightened horse near the CSX overpass.

Police temporarily closed all traffic lanes to safely remove the horses off the highway. Officers led the horses, accompanied by another police car, off Highway 401 on Communication Road. From here, police were able to contact Chatham’s TJ Stables, who transported both of the horses to a safe location.

The horses sustained non-life threatening injuries during the accident. Both horses received medical attention by a local veterinarian who treated and released them.

The occupants in the pickup truck were shook up, but there were no injuries.

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