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Polaroid choses Delray Beach as their first bastion for its "Fotobars"

Polaroid is stubbornly determined to stay relevant in image technology. Their well-known instant photographic technology was severely impacted by digital photography. In their effort for survival, they have tried a number of strategies, including partnering with Lady Gaga for a Sunglass Camera and a Printer.

This time Polaroid is trying a different approach and entering the services area. This past Wednesday polaroid announced that they will be opening "Fotobars", which are experiential stores a'la Apple Store where customers will be able to have their photographs rescued from almost any platform, may it be hardware or in the cloud, have them edited, and turn them into a nice piece of art.The official press release can be read HERE.

The interesting part for us Floridians, is that their first Fotobar is expected to open in February in DELRAY BEACH. Why Delray? They did not comment about it, but I have pictures in mind of senior citizens who don't know what to do with the pictures on their cellphones. I am quite curious how this develops.

In any case, The Print is definitely not dead, we may have just forgotten about it...


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