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Polarizer, Lighting Up the Beat Kitchen

Polarizer rocks the stage at Chicago's Beat Kitchen Friday night
Polarizer rocks the stage at Chicago's Beat Kitchen Friday night
Photograph taken by Marcus Dayton Bailey

Friday, January 26th, I saw Polarizer at the Beat Kitchen (2100 W. Belmont Ave). Polarizer is an alternative rock band with a credo of light oriented themes. Evidence of this can be seen in the awesome low budget light show happening during the performance. The band is made up of four members: Taylor Brennan (vocals), Ben Ludwig (drums), Ian Palmer (guitar/back up vocals), and Stan Tencza(keys/synthesizer).

Polarizer's live show was extremely bass heavy. Tencza provided the grounding vibrations, which was just one of his multitasking duties, dividing instants between bass, synth, and keyboard. The sound of Polarizer feels like heavy metal on a hot date with shoe gaze. Brennan's high tenor vocals feel like an angelic presence in a hellish environment. Palmer's lower tenor range serving as back up vocals harmonizes excellently with Brennan's. The most noticeable sounds where the entrances of the piano in certain key places, where only that instrument could fit. Their fourth tune of the set "Water Walker" is an inclusion of all the genius of lyrical poeticism and pounding rhythm with melodicism. What I liked the most about the live Polarizer was the lack of useless banter on the mic and the constant motion of the front man, Brennan. The shown professionalism of this group is what every band needs to be successful on tour or on the circuit(s).

Polarizer's next live show is at the GET OFF THE COUCH venue, Wednesday, January 29th, at the Chicago Inn (257 W. Irving Park Road). Polarizer is currently pushing their album, entitled "Lightscapes", which can be heard in its entirety on their website. Please click the link below the receive a more enriched Polarizer experience.