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Polar Vortex predicted to hit the Memphis area next week

What is happening with our weather in the south? It is not as simple as spring, summer, fall and winter anymore. It seems you cannot depend on the temperatures to change with the seasons as we have known them to do. After a bitterly cold winter in the Memphis metropolitan area in 2013 and early 2014, we are not through with the colder temperatures in July 2014.

New records were set in Memphis in January 2014 with the daily high one day being only 18 degrees. That was the record low for a high temperature here. Although the precipitation wasn't a record setter here during the past winter, temperatures were. But, it didn't stop in the spring and is continuing into the summer, with July Fourth temperatures dropping into the 50s at night (blanket weather).

The temperatures have rebounded into the 90s since the 4th of July, but meteorologist are warning us that a polar vortex is heading our way and may drop our temperature again for this week. According to several different weather forecasting sources, the low temperatures may drop into the upper 50s, with highs only reaching the 70s; definitely not normal for July weather.

Why is our weather changing so drastically; is it caused by global warming or other factors? We will just have to wait and watch, but in the meantime pack some fall clothes if you are taking a trip.

Watch the video in this article for one take on the polar vortex, but remember, the forecasts are changing as this article is written. Also, if you don't already subscribe to the Memphis International Travel articles and events written by Gerry Glenn Jones in the Examiner, you can do so by clicking on the subscribe link located under this writer's photo at the top of the page. All these articles are free.

Until we meet again on these pages, "We will let the world turn onto our next destination."

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