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Polar vortex: Inmate escapes from prison, returns because it's too cold out

An inmate escaped from a Lexington, Kentucky prison only to turn himself in because it was too darn cold outside. According to a report, 42-year-old Robert Vick left jail wearing khaki pants, a shirt and a jacket -- he had no way to prepare for the icy cold temperatures he would have to endure.

Vick left the prison and showed up a while later at a motel. Rather than trying to figure out a way to get a room, Vick asked an employee to call the police on him instead. He lasted less than one day on the outside (literally).

The polar vortex was enough to have Vick practically begging to go back to jail -- he may have been locked up but at least he wasn't freezing. With a wind chill sitting at -20, can you really blame the guy? He was taken to the hospital to be checked for frostbite before being brought back to prison.

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