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Polar vortex delivers highest ratings for ‘Y&R’, ratings drop not due to fans

Polar vortex delivers highest ratings for ‘Y&R’, ratings drop not due to fans

The drop in ratings for “The Young and the Restless” is not because fans have stopped watching, it is because the previous week “Y&R” scored its highest ratings in 3 years due to the polar vortex. A drop in ratings, which is actually a return to normal viewership, is to be expected after the increase seen the week prior.

A statistician’s tweet on Jan. 28 regarding the reported drop in “The Young and the Restless” ratings pointed out that the drop in ratings follows an all-time high, and that all soap operas were affected by the fact that people were forced indoors during the polar vortex. Those people account for the higher viewership in the prior week. The return to normal ratings represents the fact that those viewers trapped at home during the blizzard of 2014 have returned to work.

In an email, the statistician noted:

“THE ONLY reason there appears to be a big drop in week Jan 13-17 is because it's only compared to the massive week before (when more people were at home watching because of the extreme weather outside). If you look at the 4,983,000 compared to pre-xmas vacation viewing... the ratings are increasing quite steadily. I'm a statistician... in case you didn't notice.”

In essence, the numbers reported by both Soap Opera Digest and TV by the Numbers for the week of Jan. 13 through Jan. 17 represent a return to normal viewership.

The statistician went on to say:

“Holy jesus [sic]. The SOAP OPERA NETWORK cites the weather as the cause. I've sent you the link to it at least 3 times now. As I said. There has not been a DROP in viewship [sic] of Y&R. In fact, the most recent week's stats show an INCREASE over all weeks in December. The SOAP OPERA NETWORK indicated an across-the-board increase in viewership during to weather-related viewing. I didn't make it up - I got it right from the link I sent you. Quote me or don't, but you were WRONG in trying to make it sound like some ridiculous campaign caused a massive drop in ratings. The drop is only in relation to a HUGE increase the two weeks prior. 4,983,000 in the Jan 13 week is still higher than December [sic] weeks.”

In the weeks and months to come fans and statisticians alike should keep a close eye on the numbers and the weather patterns and other forces of nature in order to determine the exact reason for any increases or decreases in ratings for “The Young and the Restless” after the departures of Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.

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