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Polar bear purse: Polar bear dies after eating purse of zoo-goer

A polar bear (not the one that died)
A polar bear (not the one that died)
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A polar bear ate a purse and died at a zoo in Germany. On Feb. 12, NBC News reported that a purse of a zoo-goer fell into the bear's enclosure. The 25-year-old animal ate all of the items inside the bag and began acting strange according to zoo officials. Despite efforts to save the bear, he passed away shortly after.

"They tried to save the bear's life by feeding him vomit-inducing drugs but he died from severe internal injuries," reports NBC News. It's unclear if the bear had a blockage or if he ate something poisonous but he couldn't digest what he consumed.

After the polar bear got a hold of the purse, the zoo reinstated warnings to visitors telling them not to lean over animal enclosures with their personal belongings. This sort of thing has actually happened at this particular zoo before -- an elephant seal died after consuming a teddy bear and a hippopotamus died after eating a tennis ball -- so it's imperative that visitors be mindful when observing these animals.

Sometimes accidents cannot be prevented but zoo officials have to do their best to keep people from carelessly carrying their items. Sure, things happen and some times there are accidents.. but people who are visiting the zoo need to be more careful.

The polar bear that died after eating the purse could have lived to be 40-years-old. His life could have been spared had the zoo visitor held the purse close to her body and not over the railing.

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