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Poker Road Trip: New Year's Eve in Cripple Creek, Colorado

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For many years I encouraged anybody who would listen to travel to Cripple Creek, Colorado, to play at the Double Eagle Casino/Gold Creek Casino poker room. I wrote an article in October, 2011, providing an overview of poker in Cripple Creek and the landscape has changed substantially since then. I discovered a couple months ago that the room abruptly closed around Labor Day weekend, leaving only two poker rooms in town. So, while I spent a night there in October, where I decided to play was at the Wildwood Casino as I was looking for a fixed- or spread-limit Texas hold'em game and not the $1-2-100 game running at the Midnight Rose Casino poker room. I elected to wait until my second visit to the poker room to write about it.

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My wife and I specifically traveled to Cripple Creek for New Year's Eve. Wildwood was again offering $1-2-10 spread-limit hold'em as I had found in October at its 6-table poker room. All tables are 9-handed and the room does have plenty of space for expansion, although only two tables were running. The bad beat hits frequently and has been stiffened slightly from Kings full of Queens beaten to Aces full of Kings beaten for 2014. The bad beat hit shortly before I arrived at the room and table share was 30%. Rake is 10% to $4 with another $1 taken at $100. The jackpot drop is $1 per pot. No rake or jackpot drop is taken pre-flop.

Players are comped at 50-cents per hour and, like players can expect in Las Vegas, alcoholic beverages are complementary. Common is a room discount at any of the casinos in Cripple Creek with a players' card and Wildwood is no different. Expect a discount of 10%.

In mid-January Wildwood will get a new Poker Room Manager in Jeff Peck. For many years he ran the Double Eagle/Gold Creek poker room, making it the preferred place to play in town as other rooms opened and closed. Based upon my numerous past sessions at that room players should be able to expect Peck to offer swift, professionally run action; fair rulings; creativity in promotions; and concerted efforts to attract and retain players and dealing staff. The poker room itself is partially enclosed and offers several television screens to follow sports action.

Wildwood Casino is the first casino visitors will find as they enter Cripple Creek when entering town from the northeast on HWY 67. From Wichita, Cripple Creek is approximately a 9 to 10 hour drive and is located 45 minutes south and west of Colorado Springs. A good webcam view of downtown Cripple Creek can be viewed here.