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Poker players and politicians, one in the same

Poker is just like politicians, the cards keep them guessing
Poker is just like politicians, the cards keep them guessing

Election day has already passed, and most of the elected officials know where they'll be headed this January. A week later, the World Series of Poker came to a conclusion and a world champion was set in No Limit Texas Hold 'Em.  Both events were spectacular, and both events featured action, suspense, and heart wrenching excitement. An election is a lot like Texas Hold 'Em, in that you can only control so much. A poker player can only control the cards in their  hand and the cards they were dealt. Should I bluff? Should I raise and put him to the test? Those are questions that go through a poker player's head as they decide how to play the two cards in their hand.  As for what they cannot fully control, it is the card that the dealer lays down. Nobody has any idea what the cards will be that will flop on the felt, and even the cards that come on fourth street and fifth street. It is all up to the dealer and the order of the deck of cards. Overall, the poker player is controlling the game and the action at the table by simply being a presence and picking their spots. The same can be said for politicians.

A bunch of politicians just do what they are told and do what is asked of them. Then there is the rare gem of a politician, who just does what they want to do, speaks to the people from their heart and just goes with the flow on any given day. Just like the cards themselves, politicians keep the spectators guessing and you never know what will happen or what will come. It is the suspense that is the most exciting aspect of it all. Just like you raise in a poker tournament to either eliminate another player or put your stamp on the leader board, it is putting your opponent to the ultimate test to where they do not know what to do or say that is the ultimate rush. Putting negative ads out during election season to embarass your opponent and make them look bad so that you can push ahead in the polls, is the same exact thing as raising your opponent and showing a bluff to them once the hand is over.

It is all a big game and politicians are just like poker players because they love playing games and they love winning and being competitive. They are in the same profession, only one involves wearing a suit and tie and making speeches, while the other lets their chips and cards do the talking while wearing casual attire. Next time you watch a poker tournament on the television, think of a politician, because the actions in front of you on the screen is the same exact thing politicians do. Some bluff, others fold, but it is the gutsy ones that can pull off a bluff and not end up getting caught. Those are the special type that we should be supporting. So, in the words of a poker player and politicians everywhere, "Shuffle up and deal"!