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‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ publisher announces competitive event details

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Nintendo has revealed the first details in regards to an official competitive event for the “Pokemon” series. According to a report from Venture Beat on Jan. 8, the publisher confirmed that the recently-released “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” will be replacing “Pokemon Black Version 2” and “Pokemon White Version 2” as the official games for the competition.

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Nintendo is planning to hold five regional events in the United States for the first month of the year. The winners of the competition will get a trophy and be invited to the national and worldwide competitions. You can check out a banner of the showcasing the locations and dates for the regional events, as well as several screens from “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” in the slideshow on the left side of this article.

The two latest “Pokemon” video games came out on Oct. 12, 2013. Both titles were previously plagued by hackers using programs to intercept signals when trading and battling others online. These methods provide a competitive advantage for the exploiters. However, Nintendo appears to have patched up holes.

“Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” introduced several new elements to the series such as the fairy type and mega evolution transformations. Dozens of new monsters were also added to the roster. The two titles should provide the most balance in the series in terms of balance of competitive play.