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'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y' publisher reveals another new game for franchise

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Nintendo, the publisher of "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," has announced another new game for the franchise. According to a report from IGN on May 12, "Pokemon Art Academy" on the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the west later this year. The art-based software product should arrive first in Europe on July 4 and Australia on July 5. North American players will have to wait until later this fall.

"Pokemon Art Academy" will be providing dozens of tutorials for drawing and painting the pocket monsters from "Pokemon X," "Pokemon Y" and other games from the franchise. Among the characters confirmed so far include Charizard, Fennekin, Fletchling, Oshawott, Pikachu and Torchic. Along with the guides, the software product also gives users the ability to share their creations. An image depicting the upcoming video game from the "Pokemon" Twitter website can be seen with the photo attached to the top of this article.

In addition to "Pokemon Art Academy," Nintendo also recently confirmed that "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" are being released for the portable platform in Nov. of this year. The mainline releases are 3D remakes of "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire." A strange detective game starring the aforementioned Pikachu is also in development.

Finally, Nintendo filed trademarks for "Pokken Fighters" and "Pokken Tournament," which are speculated to be Wii U games that take advantage of the NFC technology. The two rumored games could include a feature where players can use scan figurines into the virtual world similar to the basis of the "Skylanders" franchise. More details are expected to be announced in next month's E3 2014 expo.

Nintendo is hoping to find comparable financial success in the upcoming titles as the company did with "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y." The two previous titles introduce full 3D graphics along with other new features such as mega evolution to change up the formula. As a result, customers responded by snatching up the two Nintendo 3DS games in record numbers.


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