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'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y' mega evolution features may be added to remakes

Nintendo, the publisher behind "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," has revealed the next two titles that will be coming to the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS. According to a report from Joystiq on May 7, "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" are slated to arrive later this Nov. in the North American region. Long-time fans of the series may be able to recognize that the upcoming titles are remakes of previous games in the series.

'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y' screen
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

"Pokemon Ruby Version" and "Pokemon Sapphire Version" were released for the Game Boy Advance more than a decade ago in 2003. The two handheld titles brought several new elements to the series at that time. The ability and nature elements added more depth to pocket monster battles while the capability of summoning two creatures at once was also introduced.

A short trailer was revealed for "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire," showcasing Groudon and Kyogre. However, both pocket monsters look a little bit different when compared to the original renderings. Joystiq believes that the new designs may be using the mega evolution forms. The trailer can be seen on the top side of this article.

Mega Evolutions were added in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y." Although the new transformation adds more power to pocket monsters, there are some limitations. For one, only a few select creatures can use the ability while holding a special stone item. Furthermore, the transformation can only be done once during combat per participants. The transformed creature is also going to revert back to its original form after the battle is completed.

"Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" will most likely feature some other features that were added to the series with "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y," which came out last year. The new full 3D visual style, for example, should be implemented in the remakes. You can find a screen featuring the 2013 titles from the official Facebook page of the series with the image attached near the top of this article.

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