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‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ machine makes obtaining shiny creatures easier

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A fan has built a machine that will help play “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” automatically. According to a report from Kit Guru on Jan. 1, the mechanism will be able to perform specific tasks by using specially-designed chip sets to control the video games without the player’s direct input.

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The “Poke-Matic” works by attaching the Nintendo 3DS system into several micro-controllers. A LCD screen was also added to display what steps the machine is currently taking. The device should be able to perform specific actions such as walking, fishing in addition to hatching and retrieving eggs. It will be also helpful at obtaining “shiny” pocket monsters, which are special variants that are very rare.

The two recently-released titles came out on Oct. 12. Players have been looking at some competitive advantages in order to build the best team of pocket monsters possible for competitive play. Along with “Poke-Matic,” a few computer programs were released to help users cheat on trading and battling creatures across the internet. Nintendo appeared to have fixed the exploits with a new patch, however.

The company is unlikely to take action against the “Poke-Matic,” as the hardware setup appears to be too complicated to be used by a majority of “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” players.

You can check out some screens from the two role-playing games in the slideshow to the left of this article.