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‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ gameplay shows off potential moves for Zygarde

‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ Diancie
‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ Diancie
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo may be planning to add several new moves in “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.” According to a report from Product Reviews on April 20, a new video was posted showing two maneuvers that were discovered by hackers. The moves are named Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves.

The footage shows Hoopa and Volcanion using the attacks. However, some fans believed that Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves won’t be used for the two leaked pocket monsters. Instead, the attacks may be added to Zygarde, a legendary pocket monster that can be acquired in both “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” from deep inside of a cave after beating the main campaign.

The same pocket monster could also star in the speculated “Pokemon Z.” Nintendo has a habit of releasing a third game in the same generation after the initial pair of titles. Although the main game should remain similar, the development team usually makes several minor gameplay and visual alternations. For “Pokemon Z,” the changes may include adding Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves to the arsenal of Zygarde.

The aforesaid Hoopa and Volcanion were leaked along with Diancie by another hacker last year. Nintendo has since confirmed that Diancie would be a part of a distribution event for “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.” In Japan, the pocket monster can be acquired by purchasing a movie ticket for an upcoming animated movie based on the franchise. The North American distribution details have not yet been announced, however.

“Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” were released last year for Japan, North America and other regions on Oct. 12. The two titles ended up being the fastest selling video games on the Nintendo 3DS with more than 12 million units sold so far. You can find an artwork featuring the aforementioned Diancie from the official international “Pokemon” Twitter page with the picture embedded to the top of this article.