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‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ distribution event includes starter pocket monster

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Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” are getting a new distribution event. According to a report from Nintendo Everything on Feb. 13, the Coro Coro magazine will be giving away a starter pocket monster along with a mega evolution stone.

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The giveaway features Charizard, one of the original starters from “Pokemon Blue” and “Pokemon Red.” Depending on which game the distribution event is being used on, the publication will also add an item. “Pokemon X” players should receive Charizardite X while “Pokemon Y” users are gifted the Charizardite Y. The two stones are needed in order for Charizard to temporary transform into a mega evolution appearance.

The gifts will be provided through a serial code from an upcoming issue of the Coro Coro magazine. Charizard could be obtained normally by playing through the story of “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.” However, players have to pick Charmander when present the opportunity and build the creature up until it is able to evolve into its final form.

Nintendo has not yet announced if a similar distribution event will be heading to the United States. The publisher is currently giving away Celebi to users who signed up to use the “Pokemon Bank” service.

You can find some screens featuring Charizard in “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” along with other pocket monsters, with the slideshow located to the left side of this article.