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Pokemon tournament prize makes for exclusive 3DS system

One of a kind Pokemon 3DS
One of a kind Pokemon 3DS

The grand prize of the annual Pokemon tournament in Japan this year will be a 3DS XL system that no other player in the world will have access to.

Only one of these systems will ever be handed out, making it completely exclusive to the winner of the tournament. To make it even more personal, the victor of the tournament will have their name engraved on the back of the system, according to engadget.

On the front of the system is a Mega Charizard X and a very fiery background. Other Pokemon appear in the corners of the design, such as Goodra and Noivern.

While definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing designs, it is safe to assume that a one of a kind Nintendo system will have some value down the road. We all remember how rare the Charizard card was back in the day so there's no telling how much this one time system will be worth.