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Pokemon making its way to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup

Pikachu will be joining team Japan for the World Cup
Pikachu will be joining team Japan for the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will have an interesting cast of characters as Pokemon will be partnering up with Adidas and Team Japan for the biggest Football tournament in the world.

The deal will feature several Pokemon, with the obvious inclusion of Pikachu, suiting up in team Japan gear while acting as mascots. Hopefully there will also be some merchandise coming along as well.

In the past Nintendo has been apprehensive about loaning out its intellectual properties, especially after the debacle that was the Super Mario Bros. movie. However this is a move that really has no downside, as it offers colossal exposure to one of their most popular games.

Team Japan has played in the past four World Cups, after making their first appearance in 1998 in France. They have finished as high as 9th place twice in the four times they have competed.

Wherever Japans happens to finish in the tournament, it is safe to say that they will have an electrifying amount of support from fans and mascots alike.