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Pokemon fans in China petitioning for Chinese language support

Pokemon fans hope that Chinese will eventually be added to the language selection
Pokemon fans hope that Chinese will eventually be added to the language selection
Pokemon X and Y

While China may be the most populated country in the world, for years its gaming market has been barren. Now however Pokemon fans are petitioning Nintendo and the Pokemon Company in hopes of getting their games in the Chinese language.

As the petition states, there are several issues that come into play with supporting Chinese in the Pokemon games, with the main one being the recently lifted ban on importing consoles. Up until earlier this year, China had a 14-year ban on the selling and manufacturing of consoles.

While obviously this allows Nintendo, as well as Sony and Microsoft, to enter into the Chinese market, that is no easy task. Not only will they basically be starting from scratch with the untapped Chinese audience, but they will also be releasing systems that aren't Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo is developing a whole new console, one that is affordable for countries with less disposable income. What this means is that it will also have games specifically designed for this console, likely meaning that Pokemon X and Y will not be seeing much Chinese support.

With their consoles not being readily available for purchase in China, it does not seem pragmatic for Nintendo to translate a game as text heavy as Pokemon. Though there are certainly many Pokemon fans in China that have bought Nintendo consoles, that number is not high enough at this time to be worthwhile.

Now with that said, Chinese is still the most prominent spoken language in the world. Pokemon already supports some less than notable languages, and there are millions of Chinese speakers living in markets that already have Pokemon games available.

Pokemon X and Y has language options for English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German and Italian. These were accessible no matter where you purchased your copy of the game. With less than 1 percent of the world speaking Italian and almost 15 percent speaking Mandarin, it would seem like adding one more language would be a great endeavor.

While China itself may not see Pokemon games in its stores for quite some time, there are still tons of Chinese speaking fans, in China and across the globe, that are buying these games. Now might just be the best time to give them a chance to play in their own language.

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