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Pokemon Center site launches along with a special giveaway

The Pokemon Center website has officially launced
The Pokemon Center website has officially launced
Pokemon Center

The official Pokemon Center website launched today and to celebrate there will be an exclusive downloadable event, featuring a fresh new Vivillon pattern.

A Vivillon with a Poke Ball pattern will be downloadable via a Nintendo Network distribution. It is only available until August 12, so make sure to grab it quickly.

As for the website there are several different sections to look through, though they are far from fleshed out as of now. There are six different categories to choose from and most of them have sub-sections as well, though some have just a few items listed on their page.

There is an apparel section that features eight t-shirts and two hats. The two hats are plush hats that resemble the heads of Pikachu and Scraggy and will cost you $19.99. As for the shirts they range in price from $24.95-$39.95, while also varying in style.

Speaking of plushes, Poke Dolls are the most prominently featured items on the website so far. There are over 20 different plushes to choose from, ranging from small sized to a size that the site calls "Trainer Size." Those Trainer Sized Pokemon come with a hefty price-tag of $42.99.

The next two sections feature accessories and home items such as stationary and drinkware. The accessories available are keychains, cellphone cases and a special Pikachu pin that commemorates the opening of the Pokemon Center site.

The final two sections are fairly basic, with one being a section with video games and the other being a section with trading cards. There are quite a few pages worth of card sets yet the only video games currently available are Pokemon X, Pokemon Y and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

While the site is clearly in its early stages at the moment, there is no doubt that it will continue to grow as more and more as Pokemon fans visit and support it. Even though there are currently just a few items, the opening of the online Pokemon Center shop is certainly an exciting thing.

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