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Pokemon Center set to open its doors to the internet

The Pokemon Center store is on its way to the internet
The Pokemon Center store is on its way to the internet
Tokyo Times

With Pokemon continuing to attract new fans, young and old, the Pokemon Company has finally decided to open up an online store in the United States come August 6.

The online shop will follow the path of its real life predecessors and take the "Pokemon Center" name. There are currently numerous locations in the USA and Japan, including one in New York that is attached to the Nintendo World Store.

If you don't live in New York or Washington than chances are that a trip to the Pokemon Center has been a rarity. But now fans can shop for their favorite Pokemon products without having to also spend money on travel expenses.

The official announcement of the site can be found on the Pokemon Facebook page. They provide a link to the new Pokemon Center site, which currently has three early products that you can pick up as well as a countdown to the launch of the full site.

"Heads up, U.S. Trainers! A great new way to get your favorite Pokémon gear is coming soon! Visit to preview some cool Pokémon items before our grand opening on August 6! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@Pokemon) for more news!"

Of course one of the products available is a plush of our favorite mascot, Pikachu. The next item is a collection of the Eeveelutions, although Sylveon is noticeably absent. To round things off, fans can purchase a lidded cup with Mewtwo printed onto it.

While the options are limited at this time, come August 6 fans will have a plethora of things that they can order. Right now acquiring Pokemon merchandise isn't the easiest thing to do, despite its intense popularity. With that said, this new Pokemon Center is certainly a welcome addition to the internet.

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