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‘Pokemon Battle Trozei’ now available on the Nintendo 3DS

The website has confirmed the release of a new game on the Nintendo 3DS. That game is “Pokemon Battle Trozei,” and it was made available for download on March 20, 2014. The game is available for download directly from the eShop for a price of $7.99.

Gameplay image from the newly released "Pokemon Battle Trozei"
An official promotional image for "Pokemon Battle Trozei"

“Pokemon Battle Trozei” is a puzzle game and is a sequel to the DS title “Pokemon Trozei.” This new title has every currently released Pokemon present in it, giving the player a total of 718 Pokemon to collect.

The gameplay is rather unique compared to other puzzle titles, but it does have some familiar aspects to it. The player is given a number of Pokemon faces, laid out over columns and rows. The player can move the Pokemon that are on the touch screen to create combinations of three or more of the same Pokemon. Doing this will cause the Pokemon to disappear, and the player’s opponent will be damaged. Players will capture the Pokemon they are battling once it is defeated, provided that it is a wild Pokemon. The opponent will also occasionally attack the player, causing them to lose some of their Pokemon tiles, which may make it harder to create combos. Players can also take advantage of the type chart, as Pokemon who are super effective against the opponent will cause more damage.

To learn more about “Pokemon Battle Trozei,” visit its official website:

"Pokemon Battle Trozei" official website

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