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'Pokemon Battle Trozei' announced with March 20 release

Pokemon Battle Trozei will be released March 20
Pokemon Battle Trozei will be released March 20

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct brought good news for Pokemon puzzle fans, as Nintendo announced that Pokemon Battle Trozei will be coming to the 3DS eShop on March 20.

The game is a sequel of sorts to the 2006 game Pokemon Trozei. The highly rated original only featured Pokemon up until Generation III, while the newly announced Pokemon Battle Trozei will feature all 718 Pokemon.

The gameplay itself involves players matching Pokemon faces into groups of three or more. While the puzzle aspect of the game is taking place on the bottom screen, there is a battle happening on the top screen. The battle takes type advantages into account, and when defeated, you catch the Pokemon you were fighting.

Co-op gameplay is also available for up to four players. This comes as no surprise as the original Pokemon Trozei also featured a multiplayer mode.

Fans who want to purchase the game can do so for $7.99. European Pokemon fans have access to the game a week earlier, as it releases March 13 under the name Pokemon Link Battle.