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Pokemon Bank release date announcement: When will Pokebank be available in U.S.?

What is the real "Pokemon Bank" release date?

Pokemon Bank release date is popular Google search

That's a question Pokemon fans have been trying to find the answer to after rumors ciculated online that the "Pokebank" downloadable online application for the Nintendo 3DS would be released on Feb. 29, 2014, a date that doesn't exist on this year's calendar.

A Google search for anything to do with the release of "Pokemon Bank" for "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" is useless due to multiple rumors circulating on the Web about the actual release date.

There is speculation that the release date will be announced on January 15, but again, that's just hearsay on Twitter.

Nintendo is the only verifiable source of information and, for now, the company is keeping quiet about it.

Back on Dec. 25th, 2013, both the Pokemon Bank and the Poke Transporter were tested in Japan and Asian territories, but the release caused servers to crash from the massive traffic.

This crash forced Nintendo to reconfigure its servers, something the company is still working so the relaunch will go smoother.

In turn, the crash is the reason behind the delay of the American, European, and Australian release.

According to Bulbapedia, a community-driven Pokemon encyclopedia, "Pokemon Bank"gives players the ability to deposit up to 3000 Pokemon from the games into an online cloud. This cloud will work as a PC, and will have 100 Boxes that will be able to carry 30 Pokemon each.

Pokemon Bank is a paid service, with an annual charge for usage. It is expected that the annual fee will be $4.99 in the United States and Canada.

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