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'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X and Y' Diancie event further detailed

'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X and Y'
'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, X and Y'
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Diancie has been further detailed for "Pokemon X," "Pokemon Y," "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby." According to a report from Kpopstarz on June 19, Nintendo posted new information on the mystical creature. The publisher reiterated that Diancie will be able to mega evolve with the two upcoming titles.

"Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" include a mega stone item that Diancie can equip right before the start of battle. Doing so will give players the option to transform the pocket monster temporarily. Mega Diancie has a lot more sparkles, due the its body being purified, when compared to its original form.

On the gameplay side, the mega evolution version of Diancie has one new attack move. The Dazzling Gleam uses light beams to hurt the opponent for a big amount of damage points. The same maneuver is also versatile as the attack will hit two of the opposing pocket monsters during a two versus two battle sequence.

Nintendo of America has not yet disclosed how exactly Diancie can be obtained in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y." The creature was previously confirmed to be a part of a special distribution event, meaning that it can't be obtained normally while playing the game. In Japan, it can be obtained by purchasing tickets for an upcoming animated movie from the franchise. The publisher has also kept quiet about the other two creatures that were leaked last year, Hoopa and Volcanion.

"Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" are going to be released in the month of Nov. after being officially announced earlier this year. The two games are actually remakes of the third-generation titles with added elements such as full 3D graphics along with the inclusion of mega evolution. Nintendo should be revealing more details on the projects in the near future. The aforesaid Diancie can be viewed with the photo from the official "Pokemon" Twitter page near the top of this article.