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'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby' release date announced

'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby'
'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby'
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

The official "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" release date has been announced. According to a report from Nintendo Everything on June 13, Nintendo announced that both games will be coming out in the United States on Nov. 21. However, the company did not clarify whether or not the same date will be applicable in Canada.

Nintendo could be focusing on the launches of "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" in the United States due to Black Friday. This year's shopping holiday takes place on Nov. 28, a week following the releases of the two games. With the software products expected to be hot holiday items, the publisher may have to allocate some of the shipments from Canada to the United States.

The two remakes of "Pokemon Ruby and "Pokemon Sapphire" will be making significant changes. For example, the 2D pixels have been replaced with full 3D graphics using the same engine found in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y." The mega evolution feature have been confirmed as well with a handful of new transformation already announced. Finally, the plot of the classic titles should be modify to accommodate some of the changes made to the gameplay.

Although the "Pokemon" series has done well traditionally, it got boosted with the release of the aforesaid "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y." Nintendo confirmed previously that both titles ended up being the fastest selling games in history for the 3DS. The publisher is still supporting last year's products with ongoing competitions and distribution events.

Nintendo should be focusing on "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" more in terms of promotion once both titles are released. The two upcoming titles are priced at $39.99 each, which is the standard pricing for a 3DS software product. A screen from the handheld games can be viewed near the top side of this article (courtesy of the official "Pokemon" Twitter page).