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'Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby' price compared to 'Pokemon X and Y'

'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y' pocket monster
'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y' pocket monster
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

The Canadian price may have been revealed for the two upcoming Nintendo 3DS video games, "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby." According to a report from Slash Gear on May 22, Amazon has put up the pre-order pages for the software products, revealing the price tag of $44.99 CDN each. For comparison sake, "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" cost $39.99 CDN each.

American customers should be able to get the upcoming titles cheaper as Newegg is listing a price of $39.99 USD each for "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby." A majority of new 3DS video game fall within the same range. Amazon also posted a shipping date of Nov. 30 although it should most likely end up being a placeholder.

The new titles should sell well even with a somewhat high price tag. The mainline "Pokemon" titles have remained a popular franchise on Nintendo handheld systems. In fact, the aforementioned "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" have already sold 12 million units in approximately half a year. You can find an artwork featuring one of the new pocket monsters introduced in last year's titles from the official Facebook page of the series with the image embedded near the top side of this article.

Although the Wii U is struggling in terms of sales, Nintendo previously expressed no interests in developing a traditional role-playing "Pokemon" game on home consoles. A representative from Game Freak explained that the series caters more to the handheld audience, especially when it comes to multiplayer and trading. The publisher has no problems with releasing spin-off titles, such as "Pokemon Rumble U," on home consoles however.

Nintendo has confirmed that Nov. will be the launch month for "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby." The two remakes are being developed by the aforementioned Game Freak studio. Additional details should be announced, especially during E3 2014 next month, in the months leading up to the release of both titles.