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PokeBank now live in North America

The PokeBank and PokeTransporter apps are now live across North America, Examiner confirmed today.

After its delay this past December, due to a server capacity issue on the Nintendo eShop and rumored security issues, Pokemon fans were forced to wait over a month for the release of the apps, which allow gamers to transfer their Pokemon from older games to the new X & Y.

During the delay, Nintendo sent out just four tweets addressing the issue, leaving many American fans to voice their disgust on message boards across the web.

With the release of the apps, those who download them will also be able to access the mythical grass Pokemon, Celebi for use in X & Y.

Now that you have PokeBank, how has this affected your gameplay experience?What Pokemon are you the most excited to use? Also, How do you feel about the release of the app? Has the downloading and configuration process been a smooth one? Tell us in the comments section below.

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