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Poisonous toads are spotted in Indian River County and surrounding areas.

Cane Toad
Cane Toad
Cane Toad

A gentleman notices his dog, an English Setter, not a pug was foaming at the mouth and shaking his head. He immediately rinsed his dog’s mouth out and proceeded to his vet’s office. In which the vet treated his English Setter for toad venom poisoning. He was also connected to a heart monitor before returning home. Fortunately, the English Setter is fine. Thankfully to the knowledge of his owner who knew what to do, who studied the potential hazards when locating to the area, and the veterinarian.
Would you be so aware? Would you know what to look out for? Would you know what to do? Pugs are a curious breed. If you are a Pug owner you know how curious Pugs are. So one needs to be aware, especially now. The Cane Toad, whether licked, bit, or even attempted to be picked up releases toxic venom.
The Cane Toad was introduced to parts of the world to help eradicate pests from sugar cane, including Florida. They were introduced by an accidental release at the Miami International Airport in 1955. In 1958 with the construction of the canal linking the Blue Lagoon with South Florida they began to spread. They were mainly located in Martin and St. Lucie Counties but most recently Indian River County. A photo was taken and confirmed to be a Cane Toad by the Florida Fish and Wild Life. There have been no other reports of Cane Toad in Vero Beach but there have been sightings north and south of Vero Beach. These Toads are known to be out at night, especially around night lights looking for insects to eat.
Cane Toads are poisonous to humans and cannot be picked up by hand. The secretions can irritate skin and burn eye. It is best to view to see how to properly handle the Cane Toads.
For your Pugs please be very mindful when walking them, during the evening, night, and early morning. Be mindful when your Pug is lingering around a specific area or a specific object. It is best to view what they are looking at. Watch them careful when they come in to make sure there is no reaction to a possible meeting with a Cane Toad. Read up now so you will know what to do if there is a reaction to meeting a Cane Toad, It is best to be prepared now instead of later. Have the emergency veterinarian phone number and address nearby and easily visible. Have poison control number handy, also. Remember, these toads are poisonous so being mindful of what your Pug is viewing is best. If your Pug does meet up with one of these toads, every second will count so please be prepared.