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Poisonous reporting fanning the hatred with bias

Too many criticize the Bible for what it isn't instead of what it is.
Too many criticize the Bible for what it isn't instead of what it is.
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It is infuriating when poisonous reporting takes place that presents an intellectually dishonest picture. One can expect that type of reporting by politically extreme publications from the left or right, however when they appear in mainstream articles as the Cable News Network (CNN), that outlet is guilty of yellow journalism.

An article was published on CNN’s page entitled “An Eye For an Eye: The Bible’s Role in Revenge Attacks”. The piece was written in a special to CNN by Joel Baden which posted July 8th of this current month. Nothing is mentioned about Biden’s credentials as a foreign correspondent, Bible scholar, or political affiliation.

Obviously Israel’s retaliation against Hamas' ongoing aggression was the center point, although nothing is said about Hamas attacks that finally caused Israel to act. The pretext of the murder of a young Palestinian youth is tied to the murder of three Israeli teens by Hamas operatives, however the motive for their murder of the Jewish teens as probable “retaliation” by Hamas is completely ignored.

Let’s just focus on Israel’s reaction, a sure sign that prejudice is lurking. Israel’s self-defense of its own territory is being twisted in the article.

Baden does not stop there. Four paragraphs down in the article, Biden gives this unbelievable assessment regarding the act of retaliation,

“After all, it was from Israel, nearly 3,000 years ago, that this famous concept spread.”

Baden links the concept of retaliation and revenge to Israel!! It is a presumptuous pontification that Israel invented the idea of revenge and a ridiculous one at that. Imagine that, there was no such thing as retaliation or revenge until Israel came up with the idea. Absolutely no retaliation ever took place until Israel came along.

This gross lie has been allowed to go unchallenged and unabated in the media. While the media gets shrill about what Coach Tony Dungy articulated, blatant damaging statements as printed by Baden are accepted as gospel.

But Baden was only warming up. He then cherry picks the Torah/Bible and went to the books of Deuteronomy, Exodus, and Leviticus to substantiate that retaliation or revenge was scriptural for Jews and Christians. Here is Baden’s take on retaliation or revenge in the Bible/Torah after pulling out his interpretation,

“Few biblical laws are repeated three times; this is one of those few. It is known as the lex talionis, or “law of retaliation,” and it would seem to be central to the biblical worldview.”

How about that? Retaliation and revenge is central to the Biblical/Torah worldview today according to Baden.

The Jews just retaliated too much when Titus killed over a million Jews, Hadrian murdered nearly a million, the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and Holocaust resulted in the murder of millions more. Joseph Stalin murdered more Jews than Adolph Hitler, but retaliation from Jews were just THE major problems. Should we bother with the current conflict between Israel-Hamas?

The Armenian Christian massacre by over a million at the beginning of the 20th century, over a million Sudanese Christians murdered, and now we have ISIS slaughtering Christians by the thousands in Syria and Iraq. But according to Baden, it is the Christians retaliating that is the core problem.

Those not able to hold what they have eaten may exit as quickly as possible.

The stink continues.

“This law is often brought as evidence that the Bible cannot be a reliable guide for modern morality: Who today would truly advocate for this kind of retributive justice?”, spouts Baden in the article.

Yes sir, one just cannot trust any of the moral standards stipulated in the Torah/Bible as the Ten Commandments. Murder, lying, stealing, adultery or fornication are standards that just do not apply in this modern progressive society. Baden’s “modern morality” is something we should all be stretching to achieve.

Atheists and human secularists love to pull out ancient text as an argument that many of the Torah/Bibles concepts that are labeled “good” are actually from Sumerian laws, 21st century BC; Mesopotamian law, 20th century BC, or Sumerian law, 21st century BC.

Um, was not the Torah written long before these guidelines? Nevertheless, Baden suggests that the “Bible” pulled some of the modern accepted concepts of the law.

The coup de grace in Biden’s article is this, “As the conflict between the two parties worsens, yet again, comparisons with the kinds of retaliation and blood vengeance found in the Bible grow more and more apt.”

Some basic flaws emerge quite spectacularly with Baden, primarily that the Jews don’t accept the entire “Bible” as its final authority with God, and neither do the Palestinians. Hamas is the dominant philosophical force in Gaza and their authority is the Koran which is a lot more harsh than the Bible about dealing with adversaries.

Baden fails to even mention the Koran. If he really believes the Bible standards have morality issues, he should address the Koran's solution for non-Muslims which is conversion, slavery, paying tribute, or execution. That is being done now, Mr. Baden.

There is the failure to mention the two new Commandments of Christ that fulfills the “law”. Baden is fixated on Old Testament guidelines where the “letter of the law kills”, Baden skips the New Testament where the “spirit of the law gives life”.

There is a new dispensation that governs ALL Christian behavior being, “love your neighbor as yourself”.

Besides “loving the Lord Thy God with all thy body, strength, mind, and soul” which is the greatest commandment, all the law of the prophets also hangs on “love your neighbor as yourself”.

If one is going to be critical of the “Bible”, one needs to be familiar with the overall message of the Bible and what the Bible actually says. Revenge or retaliation clearly are not the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Let’s have an honest evaluation please, Mr. Baden.

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