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Poison in our skies

Chemtrails over north Idaho, August, 2000
Chemtrails over north Idaho, August, 2000
photo by David Griffin

A fleet of specially-modified jets is criss-crossing our skies, dispensing lingering streams of chemicals into the atmosphere, and I am amazed at how few people are aware of this.

Portland regularly has multiple jets spraying overhead, but this is going on not only across the U.S., but in many other countries as well.


Having been personally aware of this covert program for almost twelve years now, about a year or so ago, I began a little informal experiment of my own. When I was out in public somewhere, maybe at the grocery store or out running various errands, I would make a very casual off-hand comment to someone about the jets spraying.

Sometimes I would say something like “Well, it was nice out, until the planes started spraying.” or at other times “It’s beautiful out there, nice clear skies and no jets up spraying today.”

In both cases, I was amazed at how often my comment would generate a blank look response, or the person wouldn’t even acknowledge the comment at all, like they hadn’t even heard it. In either case, the cause was the same – they had no idea what I was talking about.


Since the first step to handling any problem is to become aware of it, I thought perhaps some data on the subject would be helpful.

First, there are two entirely different phenomena which need to be identified and distinguished from one another:

Contrails versus Chemtrails.

Contrails (short for condensation trails) are condensed water vapor created when the hot exhaust of the jet hits the cold surrounding air, and the water vapor in the exhaust condenses into water droplets and/or ice crystals. They are an ordinary result of normal jet aircraft flying at high altitude, and they are normally very faint, and very short-lived.

Chemtrails on the other hand, a coined name used to distinguish them from normal contrails, are streams of synthetic chemicals and other man-made compounds, intentionally dispensed in long lines across the sky, often criss-crossing or going from horizon to horizon, typically from specially-modified aircraft with internal storage tanks and externally-mounted dispensing nozzles or orifices.

These lines in the sky persist and do not evaporate like normal contrails, and over a period of 15 to 30 minutes (depending on atmospheric conditions) disperse to form a cloudy haze across the sky. As the planes continue spraying, this eventually develops into a man-made hazy cloud cover which, among other things, alters solar radiation absorption in a localized area.


I first became aware of this program back in the late nineties when I was living in Southern California. I had grown-up in the LA area and was therefore quite used to seeing jets in the sky heading for LAX, Burbank, Ontario, or Orange County. But in the late nineties, there suddenly appeared something unusual in the sky I had never seen before: long white lines criss-crossing the sky overhead, often from horizon to horizon, which spread out and formed a sickly haze, sometimes having a slightly iridescent look, reminiscent of an oil sheen.

I distinctly recall when these lines began to appear in the skies overhead, and recall standing outside with some of my neighbors, looking up at these ominous-looking lines covering the sky, and wondering what it was we were being sprayed with now.

Living in Southern California, we had already been through the Malathion spraying program of the eighties, and were well aware of the Paraquat spraying program taking place just across the border in the seventies (which they were also trying to get approval for in California); so seeing these lines suddenly appearing in the skies for the first time, it was not difficult to understand that this was yet another aerial spraying program. But this time, it was a much, much larger one.

Upon doing a little internet research, I found lively discussions going on about this phenomenon, not only in Southern California, but in many other states as well, and I recall it being a frequent topic of discussion on certain radio and cable shows because of the official denial and silence on the matter.

On the 11th and 12th of March, 2000, in Southern California, I took a series of photographs to document the overhead spraying being done on those two days which I have put up at my website.

At the end of August of that same year, I took another photograph (the one shown with this article) in North Idaho while up there on a short trip.

From 2001 through the middle of 2005, I was living in North Idaho and the chemtrail spraying operations continued over that area the entire time I was there.

After moving down to the Portland area, I found the same spraying operations going on here as well, and unfortunately, they continue to this very day. Sometimes the spraying is particularly heavy involving numerous aircraft, and on the afternoon of 21 Sep. 2009, I observed a minimum of 5 individual spraying jets in the air simultaneously over the Portland area, and made a note of it in my log for that day.


I was recently sent a clipping from The Press Enterprise, a newspaper in Southern California, dated Thursday, March 3, 2011; the article is entitled “A CLOUDY FUTURE” by Janet Zimmerman, and atop the headline is a graphic showing a very clear photograph of chemtrails in the sky, a computer graphic of a jet spraying a chemtrail line below it, and between the two is some text. The text says “TELLTALE CONTRAILS” and “CONTRAIL FACTS”. The text presents some slightly misleading information about normal jet contrails, but then in the far right-hand column, it begins mixing data about normal jet contrails (condensed water vapor) and artificial chemtrails.

The source for the graphic is identified as the National Weather Service.

Below the graphic is the main article body which then goes on to further confuse and mix data about normal contrails and artificial chemtrails. A quote from the article:

“Numerous theories surround the trails. Scientists are studying contrails’ impact on everything from climate change to crops, and conspiracy theorists contend they are the result of dangerous government experiments and cause health problems.”

As you continue reading, the counterintelligence propaganda becomes much more visible:

“Norman Meek, a geography and environmental studies professor at Cal State San Bernardino, said the chemtrails conspiracy theory complicates the public’s perception of the issue.

“We know contrails have an effect. The chemtrails are something in the imagination,” he said. “It affects (people’s) understanding because they are unsure of the two.”

There is a little more information from Rosalind Peterson who has a website called but unfortunately, she refers to these lines of intentionally dispensed chemicals covering the sky as “persistent jet contrails”, which of-course confuses the issue by blurring the line between a normal jet contrail consisting of condensed water vapor, and an intentionally dispensed chemical spray.

“Peterson said she never uses the word “chemtrails” because it lacks scientific documentation and detracts from the real issue.”


Here are three short videos which should help to clarify the matter:


Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

Chemtrail Conspiracy

“The chemtrails are something in the imagination”

Norman Meek
geography and environmental studies professor
Cal State San Bernardino


Powder contrail generation
US Patent # 3899144

Issued: Aug. 12, 1975

The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC


"The present invention is for a powder generator requiring no heat source to emit a "contrail" with sufficient visibility to aid in visual acquisition of an aircraft target vehicle and the like. The term "contrail" was adopted for convenience in identifying the visible powder trail of this invention."

"...The present invention is also suitable for use in other aircraft vehicles to generate contrails or reflective screens for any desired purpose."

"Other type powder compositions can also be used with the apparatus described herein. For example, various powder particles which reflect electromagnetic radiation can be dispensed as a chaff or the like from the contrail generator."


Once again, you will notice in the above patent that it has absolutely nothing at all to do with condensing water vapor from the jet exhaust (a conventional contrail), but rather, an intentionally dispensed artificial substance producing a visible trail; and it is also noted that various substances can be dispensed with the apparatus depending upon the desired result.

Further, if you look-up that patent on the USPTO website (as I did), you will also notice that the quote marks around the word “contrail” in the above excerpt are in the original document.

Quotation marks used in this manner indicate a peculiar, unusual, or ironic use of the word, clearly indicating that the author knew the difference.


Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids
United States Patent # 4412654
Yates / November 1, 1983

This invention was made with Goverment support under grant No. 23-181, awarded by the Department of Agriculture. The Government has certain rights in this invention.


“A closed front, hollow airfoil shaped body such as an airplane wing has an open slot at the trailing edge thereof. Liquid from a source in the streamlined body is released through one or more small orifices in a transverse plate well within the hollow body.”


Clearly, the technology for dispensing both powdered and liquefied preparations from aircraft has been in existence for some time now, and indeed, both of the patents shown above are merely a specific use or application of relatively simple technology.

What is actually being dispensed through these aerosol delivery systems will be discussed in Part II.

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing for The Peoples of Earth