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Poison mattress what you need to know about flame retardant used

Sleeping with danger. The government is making you sick by sleeping on a carcinogenic mattress. Flame retardant by law must be on every mattress, computers, furniture sold in the United States. Since 2007 consumers have been fighting this issue and states are struggling to pass new laws to do away with the poisonous substance, PBDE’s, you sleep on and bury your face in every night.

Poison mattress what you need to know about flame retardant used

Are you getting sick from your mattress or couch

Flu-like symptoms,asthma, rhinisitis, headaches, fatigue, burning eyes and pain, anemia, rashes, sore throats, nose bleeds, bronchitis, respiratory irritation, pneumonia, psoriasis lesions, bullae covering the entire body, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea,ulcers, nausea, epigastric pain, nervous system side effects include, convulsions, delirium and coma, renal side effects tubular necrosis, oliguria and anuria, seizures and brain damage, pancreatitis, cardiovascualr effects, and the workers of the mattress and furniture companies are suffering from the very same symptoms.

The problems started when companies began making mattresses, clothing, and furniture to pass the government’s flame test. The government’s new regulation standards are over-regulation. (watch the eye-opening video)

Exposure to chemicals that are used to kill roaches, pesticide boric acid-contains silica, and antimony, and modacrylic fibers-formaldehyde, are used to pass the flames test, along with fiberglas which is in all flame retardant, you are breathing in the small glass fibers along with other toxic chemicals. Mattress manufacturers do not have to tell you what chemicals are in your mattress, they are not required to put a label on the mattress.

The poisonous chemicals are considered “safe” because they are to stay inside the mattress, but only a thin layer of polyester is between you and the toxin, research is showing the poison is showing up on kids, adults and pets skin, hair and clothing. There have not been tests to show what sleeping on these chemicals will do to you over time since they are fairly new. You know what boric acid does to a cock roach.

Amount of boric acid and antimony (linked to SIDS) in mattresses by size

One human fatal dose in child is 2 grams and an adult is 5 grams. First number is boric acid, second number represents antimony.

Twin 14, 3 ounces or 386, 93 grams

Full 20, 5 ounces or 553, 133 grams

Queen 23, 6 ounces or 659, 158 grams

King 29, 7 ounces or 824 198 grams

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