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'Point Break' remake: Gerard Butler eyes starring role, fans are angry

"Point Break" is a cult classic thriller from 1991 that starred both Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. While it has been made fun of from time to time, it still is a favorite among so many people. Well, a "Point Break" remake is in the works and according to CSMonitor on Jan. 10, 2014, Gerard Butler is possibly in line to star as the lead Swayze role.

Are you ready for a "Point Break" remake?

Butler is said to be in final negotiations to play the role that Swayze was in as the master criminal with a surfing fetish.

The "Point Break" remake is said to feature a bit of surfing like the original, but there are also going to be other extreme sports featured. There has been no mention or word as to who will be cast as Johnny Utah, who was played by Reeves.

Ericson Core is in place to direct the "Point Break" remake. His biggest work to date is that of the football film "Incredible."

Fans are not happy at all about this remake. People are already upset about the lack of creativity coming out of Hollywood over the past decade or so, but remaking cult classics really touches a sore spot with them. Some are going as far as to say the "Point Break" remake is sacrilegious.

Across Twitter, the reactions to a "Point Break" remake were not welcoming.

"Why are they remaking Point Break? Nooooooooo" - @BrandonfrmNJ

"A Point Break remake is so utterly pointless that it boggles my mind. We're officially remaking movies from the 90s. Worst." - @monoclemike

"Gerard Butler is playing Bodhi in the new Point Break? Guess the seven people that saw Charsing Mavericks found him a convincing surfer. Booo" - @BryanHDMay

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