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"Point Break" goes live and interactive in SF as does "Terminator Too"

The 1980s get revisited in hilarious spoofy ways thanks to the weird and creative brain of Thomas Blake.

Surfer/bank robbers mix in with the audience in "Point Break Live."
pointbreaklive candid shot
Kevin Thomas (right) finding out the secrets of "Point Break Live" from Thomas Blake.

Blake directs and produces "Point Break Live" (created by Jaime Keeling) and then he doesn't rest on his laurels and simultaneously has brought "Terminator Too: Judgement Play" to life as well.

Both shows are playing at the DNA Lounge at first Thursday and Friday of the month. Furthermore, he and the cast are also in the same shows in Los Angeles!

With my friends from, I caught up with Blake at a recent rehearsal and found out how is able to do two different shows at the same time - and with the same cast!

Do they travel "back to the future" a la "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?" Blake fills us in on the logistics on how he makes this work.

At the height of these spoofs, which involve references to everything 1980s, the shows have a very interesting twist: they recruit a member of the audience at each performance to play Keanu Reeves in "Point Break Too" and Arnold Schwarzenegger for "Terminator Too."

When I caught these shows, I thought the amateur's were so good that I pressed Blake as tough as Katie Couric would to see if they really are just actors planted in the audience. Watch our interview to learn the truth.

The shows are also exciting because they encourage you to InstaGram, FaceBook and Twitter during the show - and you can buy cocktails as it's in a bar. The best seats in the house are definitely the VIP seats as besides being closer to the stage (in which oftentimes the actors come right into the audience and interact with you), but you get a free T-shirt and a tasty meatball sandwich. Also, as a VIP you get a little rain poncho because you might get wet from the water from the surfers of "Point Break Live" and perhaps get covered in blood from "Terminator Too." Might? I mean, you will get wet.

The actors in the show have as much fun in the audience and the do some improv in character with the audience, making the show a total, unique experience that is definitely not your traditional theatre event.

Here’s my on-camera interview with Blake at

Get tickets and more information at and

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