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Reading poetry is a therapeutic activity. After a long, tough winter day, sitting down with a cup of coffee and some good poetry is always a great idea. There is, however, a problem for many people. Many find it hard to even get into the habit of reading for fun, let alone attempting to find poetry. The truth is that it can be hard to find good, interesting poetry. is a wonderful resource for people who do not want to flip through page after page of a poetry book to find the perfect author. It is simple and easy to find interesting poems. There are excellent poems, definitions of literary movements, biographies of famous poets, and so much more on this website, proposed by the Academy of American Poets.

On the home page there is a place to search for a poet/poem for the person who knows what he/she is looking for. Then there are the most useful and intriguing features-the daily poetry and weekly features. These parts of the site feature the time of the year in poetry, so right now there are Winter, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day options, as well as a thematic index of poetry. Depending on the poetry-searcher’s mood, he or she can find the perfect poem. is a great resource for the person just getting into reading poetry. It aids in the finding of great poetry through easy-to-use tools and promotes poetry as an art form today and into the future.

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