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Poetry invades the huddle Peyton Manning shows

It's, perhaps, the poetry of motion that fans see on Sunday during the Fall and Winter of our extreme self-contentedness. I can't help but see the blended poetry of emotion, though, because it carries over so much into our--each of our's--lives.

Peyon Manning can't help but talk with his hands at media day in Jersey City, N.J. before Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday.
Peyon Manning can't help but talk with his hands at media day in Jersey City, N.J. before Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Take the innocence of the audible that quarterbacks use as a way of changing a play or maybe just clarifying a play. There are so many possibilities for these confusing and poetic sports-speak moments.

But you know, travelers, you know

there's more fluff than tuff

in the desert wind we caress:

like an exhausted weather God

Thank you God, you don't mind the Sandy

or the big rough-tough man hands

we fondle you with

On our day of Supers...

many men of Super

In a great Bowl of Supers:

A Super Bowl

But it is a speak-easy experience to us the fans because we can no more separate the voice of the energy-filled quarterback from our world-- though it's an admittedly cryptic rush of words-- than we can separate the score on the scoreboard from the game we're watching.

We can only wonder what he implied. He did, though, without a doubt imply something: something very significant. The stakes are high you could say.

So, then we have the Omaha steaks which are "implied" into a special significance through the mere, perhaps innocent, audible of an NFL quarterback. He's not just any NFL quarterback though. And did he really inspire an over/under number in Las Vegas? That's what has been asserted.

The poetry of motion has been elevated into our lives in a way that a child of the 1930s or 40s never could have believed. We've become so literate that we expect the face of our stars to be significant: they have become significant just like we expected.

Perhaps Peyton Manning will do a solid for kids and a REAL big solid for teachers by doing an audible in a poetic verse. The significance couldn't be underestimated. I think I have an idea what he could say to convince those few determined stragglers in second grade class rooms that this is serious.

Your future depends on it.

Maybe just a haiku in that ten seconds that the quarterbacks have to call a play.

An Omaha haiku is not far away.