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Poetography collection to debut at Mac's Backs

Mac's Backs.
Mac's Backs.

In a true embodiment of how the arts can unite a community, Heights Arts is currently celebrating its tenth year of planning collaborative arts programs for the community of Cleveland Heights.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Heights Arts, with the help of Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Gail Bellamy, created Poetography. Ten local poets paired with ten local photographers to collaborate on the subject of the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights for an ekphrastic-fusion sort of project.

Poets included were Gail Bellamy, Katie Daley, Sammy Greenspan, Ben Gulyas, Meredith Holmes, Amy Kesegich, Phil Metres, John Panza, Loren Weiss, and Jason Floyd Williams. Photographers were Herbert Ascherman, Jr., David Brichford, Margo Brown, Stephen Cutri, Nina De Rubertis, G.M. Donley, Mike Edwards, Lynn Ischay, William Sheck, and Michael Weil.

Again, in the spirit of community, the project was supported and funded by Cleveland Heights businesses: Tommy’s; Coventry Village Special Improvement District, Inc.; Mac's Backs Paperbacks; Herbert Ascherman, Jr.; First Place Bank; K & L Realty; and Big Fun.

A book compilation of the project will be launched on Saturday, April 10 at Mac’s Backs, with a reading, book signing, and reception, beginning at 2pm.

In addition to the book, posters of each pair’s collaboration will be displayed at Tommy’s, right next door to Mac’s Backs, as well as in a few other Coventry businesses.