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poetic fall sandwich idea


One of the true joys of fall is eating a sweet, crisp apple. When asked to celebrate the many virtues of cheese, deft California poet Violet Carr Moore created a winning haiku pairing the mild, slightly nutty flavor of Swiss-style Emmental cheese with apples. The poet’s vivid yet precise words describe a simple yet delicious treat that one can make any day. Enjoy this poetic recipe celebrating Emmental-style cheese.

Swiss Emmental cheese is beyond compare. Yet there are several brands of decent Swiss or Emmental-style cheeses manufactured in Wisconsin, New York State, and California. Featuring the same tell-tale small holes, American Emmental-style cheese can be slightly sweeter and much cheaper than its Swiss cousin. So whether you splurge on a wonderful, imported Emmental cheese, or place an American Emmental-style block into your weekly grocery budget, try this easy, satisfying, and poetic recipe idea for lunch any day.

Poetic Recipe Idea:
“Grilled Swiss”
Washington Granny
Bonds with tantalizing Swiss
In a warm embrace.
-Violet Carr Moore

Sandwich Recipe:
1 Granny Smith apple, thinly sliced
2-3 ounces Emmental-style cheese, sliced
2 slices multi-grain bread
1 teaspoon butter (for grilling)
To make the sandwich described above, grill the ingredients in a warm skillet for two to three minutes. Then flip the sandwich over and grill on the opposite side. Enjoy this warm for an easy lunch.

For more information about Violet Carr Moore, contest winning poet, inspirational writer, and co-creator of Carr Twins & Co. publishing, visit


  • Violet Carr Moore 5 years ago

    Thanks for choosing my haiku poem. This grilled sandwich is one of my favorites.