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Podcars and other green transportation

Exploring green transportation alternatives is common practice now.
Exploring green transportation alternatives is common practice now.
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The Podcar is an alternative transportation vehicle of the future. A Podcar is a small capacity electric vehicle which travels on a track. This would allow passengers more privacy than conventional public transportation. Podcars are computerized. They have no driver. The passenger capacity is 2-10 passengers. Passengers enter their destination on a computer keypad and the vehicle takes them where they want to go. Podcars would have various stations at which the passengers could enter or exit the vehicle.


For those of us who can't wait until Podcars are in use, there are other options in alternative transportation to consider as well. The Smartcar is an small electric or hybrid car built for two. It's stylish and surprisingly safe. These dealerships are growing rapidly across the entire country and doing an astounding amount of business. This little car is great for inner city and highway travel. It's quite inexpensive compared to most hybrid cars. Ask your dealer which version is right for you.


If you have a diesel engine chances are, you've felt the impact of rising fuel costs more than the rest of us. A good alternative for you would be to make your own biodiesel fuel. This isn't as simple as it sounds, but can be well worth the effort in fuel savings. Biodiesel fuel can only be used in diesel engines. Don't try to use it in your vehicle unless you have a diesel engine.


In the summer months consider an electric or gas scooter as alternative transportation. Electric scooters are good for short trips, since they must be recharged about every 10-15 miles. Gas scooters are better for longer distances. When purchasing a scooter, consider what you plan to use it for. Buy accordingly. Be aware that although older scooters will still save you money, they are more polluting than the newer versions.

Public transportation

Public Transportation remains one of the best alternative transportation methods. It's inexpensive and kind to the environment. It also cuts down on traffic congestion. You can read the news or just a good book while someone else does the driving for you. Most major cities have some type of public transportation system, whether it's train, bus, or light rail. The more you use public transportation, the more efficient it becomes, since a part of the profit generally goes into improvements.


Of course the most cost effective and pollution free alternative forms of transportation are still walking and biking. Both are great exercise and economical. Walking is absolutely free. Biking costs you only the bike, plus parts and maintenance. Neither one causes environmental damage. Both are enjoyable.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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