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Pocket-sized molecular sensor to change how we interact with the physical world

There are a lot of really cool and innovative products which get the support they need for mass production on popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter. From a virtual reality sensation recently acquired by Facebook to an open-source indie video game console, or a minimalistic smartwatch, ideas that start small can overnight become a reality found on retail shelves across the country. However, none are as monumentally world changing as SCiO.

SCiO scans objects and determines the chemical makeup.
Consumer Physics, Inc.

As consumer technology advances, engineers everywhere continually push devices in totally new directions. As of late, the market has seen an influx of personal health technology with built-in biometric scanners, fitness trackers, and the like. All of these things focus primarily on physical fitness and exercise applications, but SCiO is different. The engineers behind SCiO are more concerned with what people are putting into their bodies. The result is a small, pocket-sized optic scanner able to determine the chemical makeup of matter; the implications are astounding.

“Smartphones made it easy to research facts, capture images, and navigate street maps, but they haven’t brought us closer to the physical environment in which we live – until now.”

When used, a light source pinpoints a sample; the reflection of which is then refracted by a tiny spectrometer in the device itself. The molecular data is uploaded to Consumer Physics’ cloud database, where algorithms analyze and transmit all sorts of information about the scanned object back to the user’s smartphone – all within seconds. Its developers claim SCiO can determine how ripe any given piece of fruit is and the rest of its nutrition facts, how hydrated plants or even people are, and identify/authenticate medication.

Starting out, there will be a few specific SCiO application that live within the main SCiO Mobile App. Each will convey and store information for different types of objects (i.e. Plant hydration, fruit, and pharmaceutical medications). These applications are being offered as free downloads to Kickstarter backers, implying that they–and future apps–will be available for a cost. There are fourteen days left for SCiO’s Kickstarter campaign, but it has already long eclipsed its $200,000 goal. The Super Early Bird special of $149 is sold out, however, interested backers can pre-order their SCiO today for a pledge of $299.

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