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Pocket Mommy by Alia Malik


Pocket Mommy, a newly released, paperback, written by Alia Malik and son Zayan features breath-taking illustrations and paper doll cut-outs. Pocket Mommy depicts first day of kindergarten for Zayan. Just like for many, Zayan is nervous and sad about going to a new school. His mother, Alia, has a remarkable idea help ease his fears. They create a paper doll that he can carry in his pocket to remind him she is nearby, giving him the confidence to begin his first day of school without her in physical form but with her because she is not too far from his heart.

The back cover provides ethnically diverse Pocket Mommy cut-outs and even an unfinished one. By doing this, the author has created a way for each child to individualize their own "pocket mommy" to have the same experience as the book character.

Aila Malik is an attorney and nonprofit executive working with high-risk youth and a mother of 3 young children. Aila also provides parents two pages of tips and guidance on the best way to use pocket mommy as both a book and innovative tool for children.

Pocket Mommy is available on Amazon.

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